Mindfulness Courses in Surrey


If you’ve heard about the benefits of mindfulness and are keen to learn more, SurreyMindfulness offers you a variety of ways to cultivate a mindful life. SurreyMindfulness is organised and run by me, Justine Curlis.  I am a mindfulness facilitator and coach with a background in education.  

I deliver 8 week MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) courses in Woking and Guildford for stress reduction and emotional resilience. I also provide one to one courses and mindfulness based personal development coaching in Surrey and surrounding counties. 

If you are a primary school leader and are looking to introduce mindfulness to your school, I am able to deliver the Mindfulness in Schools Project .b Foundations curriculum to teachers and Paws b curriculum to 7-11 year olds.

I am registered with the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers.


Mindfulness Courses and Coaching


Eight Week Group Mindfulness Courses

These courses are for stress reduction & emotional resilience. They are based on the MBCT curriculum recommended by the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence.  Choose from the introduction 'Finding Peace in a Frantic World' course(which can also be taken as an intensive course over two weekends in July and August). or the 'Deepening Mindfulness' course.

One to One Mindfulness Course

Due to work, family commitments or distance, it's not always easy or practical to attend one of the group mindfulness courses. As an alternative, I offer the eight week mindfulness course in a one to one setting which will allow us a deeper exploration of mindfulness and areas of personal development that are most important to you.  One to one sessions take place just outside Guildford.


Mindfulness in Schools

The Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) is a charity that encourages the teaching of mindfulness in schools to support the wellbeing of both teachers and children.  Trained in .b Foundations for teachers and Paws b for 7-11 year olds, I am able to deliver these courses in a school setting. If you're based in Surrey, Berkshire or North Hampshire and would like to discuss introducing mindfulness to your school, please get in touch.

Mindfulness-Based Resilience Coaching

Have you experienced a set-back that you're finding it difficult to move on from? Do you feel that you 'give up' too easily and miss out on achieving important goals? Do you put off important conversations for fear of hurting others or feel you're 'over sensitive' when receiving feedback?  If any of these sound familiar, then you may find that mindfulness-based resilience coaching is the break though you're looking for. 


Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace has been found to improve resilience and wellbeing, enhance working relationships, performance, leadership, decision making and creativity.  If you are a business based in Surrey or North Hampshire and would like to bring mindfulness to your workplace, I offer both courses for groups and coaching for individuals.

Awareness Coaching for Mindfulness Graduates

If you are a graduate of an eight week MBSR or MBCT course and would like to deepen your practice following completion of the course, I offer awareness coaching.  These sessions can be used to as a way to maintain a regular practice or to explore difficulties and questions that you may not have felt ready to address during the course or amongst other group members.